Images courtesy of Stella McCartney

Adidas by Stella McCartney’s SS21 collection calls on us to protect our oceans

Showcased within two short films made by young changemakers, the Beach Defender collection is a love letter to our planet, one that actively encourages its protection.

by i-D Staff
01 April 2021, 2:04pm

Images courtesy of Stella McCartney

When we think about the protectors of our oceans, our mind is instantly drawn to the image of the lifeguard. Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff in bright red swimsuits, their enviable bodies on show, as they run along the coastline. As a result our concept of the role has an elitism about it. However, adidas by Stella McCartney’s SS21 collection calls on us all to protect our oceans and more widely the planet, making it a part of our everyday activities. 

To bring this message to life, two films were made to showcase our personal relationships with the land and sea. Young changemakers wearing the latest collection exhibit their active lifestyles alongside the environmental causes close to them. In one of the films, London-based filmmaker Netti Hurley captured open water swimmer Seren Jones and spiritual creative -- and cofounder of the women’s self-defence classes, Shadow Sistxrs Fight Club -- Ayesha Tan Jones. As the two sit by the waters edge separately and practice their unique sports, both dive between expressions of pure joy and reflective serenity. In some ways it is a romantic film, a love for the water, the grass and the daisies running throughout.

In the film by Japanese photographer Monika Mogi, a glistening lake with an ethereal mountainous backdrop is the setting, as mineral water researcher Nagakura Nami and her son play in the lake, and Sawanobori practitioner Takigawa Ayaka abseils a waterfall. Close up shots of footsteps through the rocky grounds, waves slapping against skin and splashes landing on the camera lens bring us too into the moment. 

In both films the athletes featured wear the adidas by Stella McCartney SS21 collection, Beach Defenders, a collection of garments designed for active lifestyles whilst also minimising our impact on the planet. As such, both the bikini set and the trisuit worn in the films are designed for high-performance on land and water with stylish and supportive racer strap detailing and comfortable mid-waist fits. As with all the garments, both are created with PRIMEBLUE, the high-performance material made from upcycled plastic waste found on beaches, coastlines and islands; catching them before they end up lost in our vast oceans, destroying habitats and interfering with wildlife. 

Additionally, taking on the plethora of activities one can do outdoors from running to hiking to yoga; the climacool vento shoe has a separable sock that can transform its soft outer sandal into a colourful feminine trainer. But what is important about the collection is its commitment to creating change-makers and embedding care for the planet into our daily activities. This is especially evident in the minimal yet impactful design of the Beach Defender relaxed-fit pull on, with trash bags accessible via the pockets to promote ocean clear up as you work out. 

Gone are the days of the ocean protector being mesmerising models. In 2021 it is all of our roles to protect each other by caring for the planet. The Beach Defender collection calls on conservation to be immersed in our daily activities. To be as innate as the joy we feel by a glistening lake or as natural as the serenity that can only be found walking through the mountains. 

You can see the full campaign below and check out the full collection here.

Girl on boat wearing adidas by Stella McCartney SS21 trisuit
Girl on rocks wearing adidas by Stella McCartney SS21 shoes and jacket
Girl standing on rock wearing adidas by Stella McCartney SS21 swimsuit
Girl wearing adidas by Stella McCartney SS21 trisuit
Girl in water wearing adidas by Stella McCartney SS21 trisuit
Girl on shore wearing adidas by Stella McCartney SS21 jacket trisuit and shoes
Girl in mud wearing adidas by Stella McCartney SS21 jacket
Girl wearing adidas by Stella McCartney SS21 swim suit
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