Anna Delvey has been released from prison

The fake heiress with a passion for hypebeast fashion got out early for good behaviour.

by Roisin Lanigan
12 February 2021, 11:27am

Image via Instagram

Anna Sorokin, better known as the crafty fake socialite Anna Delvey, has been released from New York State Prison, Insider reports. The 29-year-old, who managed to scam businesses, banks and fellow New Yorkers out of some $60 million, was released early from incarceration at Albion Correctional Facility, due to (wait for it) good behaviour. 

The parole board granted the pseudo socialite “merit time release”, essentially freeing her at around a sixth of her original four-to-12 year prison sentence. Anna Sorokin was jailed in May 2019, although she had also spent time on notorious Rikers Island while awaiting the verdict of her trial.

What’s next for her? Well, it’s unclear. It’s likely that, although she told the parole board she intended to live with a male friend when freed, she’ll be deported back to Germany. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the last we’ll hear of so-called Anna Delvey. She reportedly has plans to write memoirs, while Netflix has acquired the rights to her life story. Anna did at least pay the proceeds from that deal -- around $320,000 -- to her victims as restitution. But with her now free, we’re wondering if she’ll make a cameo in the eventual limited series? Fingers crossed.

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