3 easy spells for new witches to try this Halloween

Banish negativity and improve self-love with ‘SPELLS FOR CHANGE’, the new book by Frankie Castanea aka @chaoticwitchaunt.

by Frankie Dunn
28 October 2021, 9:55am

A still from The Craft

Frankie Castanea is a 23-year-old genderfluid folk witch from Colorado. Better known as @chaoticwitchaunt, they’re a central figure in the #witchtok realm, where they’re followed by 1.3 million people who’ve watched them worship Hades, demonstrate how to make sigils and make the call to hex abusers. It all started around seven years ago, when Frankie was drawn to witchcraft because of their connection and experiences with nature. “I’ve never felt more at home than I have in the forest or the mountains,” they tell us. An interest in tarot inspired further reading into Wicca and the use of herbs or crystals, and Frankie soon found themselves part of a community of witches using their craft to enhance not just their own lives, but the world around them.

Last week, Frankie released their first book: SPELLS FOR CHANGE, a modern guide to witchcraft full of invaluable information and practical magic. There are chapters on the materials of spellcraft, manipulating energy and witchcraft as activism; with spells ranging from protecting spaces and nurturing self-love, to seeking justice and binding those that do harm. It’s a fascinating resource; a reminder that this is a practise and not a religion, and of the importance of using the craft as a force for positive change.  

“I wish more people would see it as a fully fledged spiritual practice,” Frankie says. “I think a lot of people understand witchcraft as it's portrayed in the media, or from a Christian perspective. We're really just normal people, living our lives through this practice. It's a way of life.” But that’s not to say that Frankie doesn’t love a good witchy horror movie or indulge in some spooky goodness when October 31st comes around. “I personally love Halloween!” they say. “I think a lot of times it overshadows and maybe creates some misconceptions about witches and witchcraft, but that exists all year. I still dress up, even as an adult.” 

Which films does Frankie reckon most accurately depict witchcraft, then? “Practical Magic and The Craft,” they say. “While there are obviously some parts that are dramatised, I feel like there are aspects of both of these movies that hold truth in what witchcraft truly is.” So once you’ve watched the aforementioned back to back this spooky season, why not try a few entry-level spells? Frankie has kindly shared the following three from her book: a bath to banish negativity, a self-love mirror spell and a charm to remove the power somebody holds over you.

Before you get stuck in, we’ll leave you with Frankie’s very good advice for what new witches should bear in mind when attempting spells for the first time: “I always recommend following your intuition. You know best! Listening to your gut about spells is important. I also recommend protecting yourself and your energy above all — you are your most valued tool.”

A Bath to Banish Negativity

This spell is best done on a Saturday, or during a waning moon.

MATERIALS: black tea bag, bay leaves, three cloves of garlic, one slice of lemon, basil, sea salt.

  1. It’s best to put these items in some sort of a paper coffee filter or bag to keep them from clogging your drain. I like to tie off my coffee filter with black thread or string.
  2. Place each item in and state the intent. I’ve listed the intent below for each one to help you.
  3. After placing each item in and sealing the bag, sit in the bath and imagine the water soaking up all the negativity that has been placed on you. Make sure the water touches every part of your body, including your head, and rinse yourself off after you drain the bath. Feel free to redo this as often as you like.

BLACK TEA: with intent to protect and banish negativity.

BAY LEAVES: with intent to protect and manifest the spell.

THREE CLOVES OF GARLIC: to ward off evil and negativity. 

ONE SLICE OF LEMON: to give those who attempt to place negativity on you a sour taste in their mouths.

BASIL: intent to protect you from harm.

SEA SALT: intent to cleanse and purify and remove any negativity that has been placed on you.

Self-love Mirror Spell

This ritual can be performed while doing your makeup, stating positive affirmations, or even just washing your face and getting ready for the day.

MATERIALS: an expo marker or another item to draw on a mirror with (e.g. lipstick)

  1. Bless your mirror or consecrate it by drawing a protective sigil with moon water or olive oil on the back. 
  2. In the formation of a circle, write compliments to yourself around where your face is. These can be positive affirmations like ‘I am strong’ or ‘I am beautiful’. Write these with the intention of boosting your confidence.
  3. Use the circle of compliments while doing your makeup, stating positive affirmations, or just washing your face and getting ready for the day.
  4. You can leave the circle of compliments up as a helpful spell for every time you use the mirror, or update them every time you want to redo the spell.

You Have No Power Over Me

This spell is not so much a binding as a charm that is designed to take effect on you to allow someone’s words or negativity to affect you less. I like to use this charm to keep my energy confident and strong, which can be especially necessary given my social media presence.

MATERIALS: bowl of water, white candle, rosemary, vanilla extract, cinnamon, thyme, necklace of your choice.

  1. Burn the white candle until wax collects. 
  2. Set the necklace inside the bowl. Place it in a jar if the necklace cannot be put in water.
  3. Add wax, vanilla, thyme, and cinnamon.
  4. Stirring clockwise, chant: ‘You have no power over me’ as many times as you wish.
  5. Focus your energy on the necklace. If you can visualise, imagine yourself wearing it and the necklace creating an impenetrable white wall of energy around you.
  6. Repeat the charm when needed, and wear the necklace as you please.

Frankie Castanae’s SPELLS FOR CHANGE is out now and available here.