PhotographyYassine El Rherbi 

What your December 2021 looked like

From Oaxaca to Xiaogan, here's a snapshot of the world from last month.

by Ryan White
05 January 2022, 7:00am

PhotographyYassine El Rherbi 

i-D ran My Month in a Photo all through last year and discovered some of the month incredible work. We featured a handful of photographers that were discovered through the series, and plan to do the same this year. So at the end of each month throughout 2022, we’ll open our inbox to photographs from anyone and everyone in the hope to discover more talent — just email

It’s tough to pick just a handful from thousands and thousands of submissions. But for anyone whose images do not make the cut, please do keep sending us your photography, as we’ve been overwhelmed by the quality of the imagery taken, and want to keep sharing as much of it as possible. We recommend looking through the successful submissions to get a sense of what we really like to publish.

The silhouette of a couple kissing in front of a blazing red and yellow light.

Geri Batai, 30, Hungary

“I’ve waited for this love for years!” @geri.glam

arms with bracelets holding a camera. One arm is partly shaved and has a tattoo of the number 444 under their wrist.

Santiago, 20, Oaxaca, Mexico

“I took this picture of my best friend’s new tattoo back in early December. He’s leaving for college soon and 444 feels just right to have with him.”

A close up of the face of a boy wearing a bucket hat and a gold grill in front of a red painted brick wall.

Abdurrahman Danquah, 21, New York, USA

“Zay in Soho. Peep da gold teeth.” @dryhug

A close up of the necks and mouths of two people kissing at night.

Klara Gordon, 21, Istanbul, Turkey

“The first time I was vulnerable in almost a year, I fell in love with being alive again.” @klaraa.gordon

A naked woman looks up at the sun as she swims in a lake with a waterfall in the background.

Sune van Tonder, 25, South Africa

“Nicxi reborn. Ready for what will probably be a year of change.”

An old lady in a red tartan jacket and black trousers stands in a corridor. Next to her is a table and chairs and beside her is a poster.

Mengqi Zou, 26, Xiaogan, China

“A photo I took for my granny at our countryside home, after I went abroad for two years and before we knew she had breast cancer.” @acityshehad

The back of a man outside at night wearing a high visibility jacket that has RAVE spray painted on the back.

Faramarz, 23, Tehran, Iran

“An underground rave of new Iran’s new generation.”

A group of young boys and girls stand in a circle with white paint on their hands.

Onga Ntozini, 33, Johannesburg, South Africa

“I recently traveled back to my home village. and took this image of a group of young boys and girls I saw playing in the street. Their faces were striking, with pure joy written all over them. I quickly brought and applied white paint on the hands. This white paint technique, usually used as body paint in the tradition of Xhosa, symbolises returning home and finding happiness in the most unexpected places.” @ongasphotos

A man sits shirtless on a roof, his hands meeting on his knee as he stares off to the right.

Yassine El Rherbi, 24, Tangier, Morocco

“Reproducing old pictures I found of my dad in his drawers.” @ya.ssel

A man in a dark room stands in front of a wall and lit up font. The light and rain from between the window blinds reflects onto him.

Isaac Barnett, 17, Kentucky, USA

“My friends and I had just got back home after a midnight showing of Nacho Libre at our local theatre. The light on the wall is the moon shining through rain-covered windows.” @iebcamera

a girl with short brown hair lies on a blue bed sheet wearing a white vest top and a silver necklace that has a 1221 pendant.

Sarah Palmieri, 21, Melbourne, Australia

“The never-ending Melbourne lockdown had my housemate and I feeling turbulent, trash and often very drunk.” @sarahkatepanini

The backs of three naked and wet men walking along white rocks neck to a pool of water. Their clothes are on the floor in piles and in front of them is green shrubbery.

Salomé Sperling, Hasselt, Belgium

“My month is represented by this picture. I started the academic year by doing a big project with three friends of mine. December was then suddenly more of an introspection, and a retrospective on the last four months of craziness.” @showset

A man wearing a shirt and mask sits at a desk as the photographer shooting him can be seen reflected in a mirror next to him.

Rodrigo de Miranda Volpe, 17, São Paulo, Brazil

“La Magie is how I’d call this atmosphere: lovely, calm, and mysterious.” @roooodboy

An individual with a corduroy jacket and long tied back black hair leans on the shoulder of a man in a white shirt amongst a crowd of people under strobe lights and a disco ball.

Javier Pimentel, 23, Manila, Philippines

“An intimate photo took in Futur:st one of the only independent bars and lgbtq+ safe spaces left in Manila after two years of harsh lockdowns leaving many underground spaces to fend for themselves.” @lui_pimentel

A photograph from below of a couple making out in a blue lit room.

Daniel Gutiérrez, 19, Nayarit, México

“Me and my girlfriend the first time we camped together.” @d.a.gutierrez

A man with short hair and a sports jacket and a woman with retro 70s glasses and long straight hair look at the camera as they stand in an office building.

Giorgi Guruli, 20, Tbilisi, Georgia

“Bright colors, bright love.” @gguruli

Blurry orange and red photo from the shoulder of one man looking at another.

Asia, 20, Krakow, Poland

“The red essence of movement from December's underground music scene.” @a.zzzia

Drake and Kanye West walking along together across a rainbow coloured floor and a pink smoky sky.

Jason Martinez, 21, Oklahoma, USA

“God’s Plan. Two legends walking off stage on a historic night.”

Blurry monochrome photo of a naked person doing a handstand.

Wenzile Harley Dube, 22, Botswana

“This is an image about the censorship of bodies. It was my friend Kutlo's first nude shoot and I'm glad he felt free enough to do it with me.” @wenz_hd

A man in camping gear lights a cigarette on a colourful candle display

David Salomón Fontecha, 26, Bogotá, Colombia

“In Colombia we have a tradition where we light up candles on December 7th. I'm not really sure why but it's a great opportunity to get together with friends and hang out.” @davidfontetxa

A man in a shirt, undone tie and knitted hat sits on a window frame holding the sides as they lean back laughing.

Diego Velazquez, 20, California, USA

“I took this photo the first time I saw Levi after almost two years. We started living together a few days later.” @diegovelazquezj

A woman in a traditional colourful printed dress holds the hand of someone else with a number tattoo.

Omofolarin Omolayole, 21, Lagos, Nigeria

“Ever since I was young, my grandma has always been a constant pillar of strength for me. Her love is so consistent and pure. I spent a lot of time with her this December and with every conversation we had, she encouraged me to stay faithful and chase my dreams with all my heart. Whenever I’ve needed a helping hand, my Grandma has always extended hers and I’m a product of her relentless love.” @thankgodhimself

The back of the shaved head of a man in a white t-shirt looking out over a lake and mountains.

Amare, 22, Hong Kong

“December is just a time to remember. Egg on sunset.”

A man leans over his porch decking fence of his wooden blue house, looking into the garden.

Daniel Ramirez, 20, Limón, Costa Rica

“We went to the countryside to visit my great-grandfather on his birthday. He has Alzheimers. Still, he was happy that we came to visit.” @dnielnielniel


All images courtesy the artist

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