You’re invited to Victoria Beckham’s birthday party tonight

And you won’t even be breaching social distancing if you come. Say you'll be there!

by Mahoro Seward
17 April 2020, 10:15am

Photography Ellen von Unwerth

Birthdays. What dreary affairs under quarantine, right? Well, not quite. While for some of us celebrations may now be limited to sipping flat cava while your friends sing you a feedback-looped canon of Happy Birthday over Zoom, for others they’re just as glamorous an affair as they ever were! Sort of, anyway.

Victoria Beckham, for one, will be celebrating her 46th at her Cotswolds hideaway, inviting MILLIONS of guests to join -- including you. “Stop right now, thank you very much,” you’re likely thinking. “That sounds like a criminally scandalous breach of social distancing measures! Who do you think you are?!” Well, of course, it isn’t, as invitees will be only able to turn up to Posh’s anniversary soiree via Instagram, where she’ll be streaming the celebrations live to her 28 million followers.

Kicking off tonight at 8pm, tunes for the party will be supplied by DJ Fat Tony, with his set of (living room-)floor fillers being the only gift she’ll be receiving this year. In lieu of physical presents, attendees are instead asked to donate to The Children’s Society. “They provide a lifeline for children hidden from view in the coronavirus crisis, and in even more danger now from abuse, exploitation, neglect or hunger. Please support them if you can,” wrote the designer in a post on Instagram.

“Turn the music up and have a dance in your living room/kitchen/bedroom,” she continued. Posh, with our weekend plans looking as they currently do, we can say, wholeheartedly, that we’ll be there.

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