Via TikTok

Eden Monticelli is the Bratz doll of TikTok

Her feed is literally free serotonin!

by Douglas Greenwood
17 July 2020, 1:30pm

Via TikTok

The beauty of TikTok is that it’s designed to introduce legends into your life in seconds. All it takes is an upwards swipe and then, bam, the funniest, most iconic person you’ve ever encountered is now part of the fibre of your being. Instantly ingrained into your existence. Added to your will. That’s how we discovered Eden Monticelli, several months ago, in one of the last pre-lockdown TikToks that epitomised the healing power of sunlight on our skin.

It is now law to state “Look at mother nature pop off like this!” when clouds break and the temperature creeps into double figures. But it’s just a small slice of the effervescent personality of one of the most iconique women you will encounter online.

Eden Monticelli, Ohio-raised but currently living out her inheritance chic fantasy in Los Angeles, runs amok on TikTok, posting everything from snack reviews, to fashion lewks, to videos that capture the singular experience of being trans in America today. She doesn’t try to be a comedian but is really fucking funny. She brags about her “literally one-of-a-kind Louis bag” and flaunts her “Juicy, bitch”. She does glam like no other. Promotes good cleaning practises in the midst of a pandemic and the “easter magic” of cotton candy that tastes like “Peter Cottontail’s asshole”. She is, at her own admission, “very much livin’ livin’ livin’ livin’ livin’ lavish”.

We also get an insight into her life with two lesbian mothers, particularly her biological mum known as “Miss Robin”, who you can see here getting glammed up and dropping that legendary Eden Monticelli catchphrase.

So here is the legend herself, giving us an insight into her lifestyle, upbringing, and the brands she would die for. As she should!

Who is Eden Monticelli?
I’m a 18 year old transgender woman who makes 15-60 second videos in her pink room <3.

Where did you grow up?
I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, but moved to Ohio when I was 6 years old to live in the country.

Your family set up seems iconic. Can you explain it to us?
My family is really iconic! It consists of my two lesbian mothers and my six little poodles. My biological mom, Miss Robin, had me with her partner at the time who raised me until I was 6, [then we] moved from Vegas to Ohio. I lived in an apartment with my mom for a year then when I was seven she met her wife Beth who’s my other mom. They raised me to be myself and they have been the most amazing people in the world to me. They would take me to Hot Topic when I was seven and buy me Kesha and Lady Gaga merch, and all the big boots and heels they would sell. They really are the best people I know and have always supported me. They are literally my only best friends!

When did you first feel ‘internet famous’?
The sweetest girl named Olivia was working at the mall, and is still the only person to recognise me or ask me for a picture.

Who are your style icons?
I don’t really have any specific people who I’m inspired by, it’s really just the whole early 2000s era in fashion and kids games and just over the top tacky things.

And what brands do you love and why?
I buy almost all of my clothes second hand like on resale sites but love brands like Heatherette, Juicy Couture, Limited Too, UFO Jeans, JNCO, Ed Hardy, Playboy and so many more.

What would your life be like without the internet?
Probably better for my mental health and everyone else’s, but I love constantly meeting new friends and just talking to the beautiful people who support me online.

Can you explain the origins of ‘very much’?
I was added into a group chat with all the OG Instagram thicc boys and girls, and they always said it to everything and about everything. Very muccchhhhh!

How often do you encounter trolls online, and how have you learned to deal with them?
I don’t deal with them, the bitter people online just want attention and will do anything to get it.

What’s your favourite snack?
I love sour gummy candy!

Can you link me to your favourite video online?
This one. The best part starts at 5:05.

Why should people follow you?
I dunno, honestly if people think I’m funny or like me they should follow!

Follow Eden Monticelli on TikTok and Instagram right now otherwise we’ll have to have a word with you.