Photography Mitchell Sams

chromat’s spring show was all about self-care and community

And everything else you need to know about the brand’s affirmational spring/summer 18 show, ICYMI.

by Hannah Ongley
09 September 2017, 11:36pm

Photography Mitchell Sams

What we texted our friends:
"Take a shot every time someone yells YOU BETTER WALK, BITCH"
"Vagazzled bodysuits"
"The gold dress is making loud noises and I like it"
"How do you go about adopting someone else's mom?"

In the designer's own words: "Last season was about buoyancy and staying afloat in these crazy times of great anxiety. This time we started the collection wanting to feel grounded. We were thinking about rocks, salt baths, meditation, and how to take care of ourselves and our community. As the rocks get further into the ground they turn into this larva energy. That explosiveness is where we are now."

Look we want now: For the first time ever, Becca incorporated denim into the Chromat collection. One of the most confident pieces was a denim-cup cage mini dress worn by Becca's incredible mom.

Wildest beauty moment: Fatima Thomas and the MAC Pro team created wet-look metallic lids finished with luminescent neon dots in the corners of the models' eyes

Model to watch: Upcoming curve model Jordyn Woods is way more than Kylie Jenner's BFF. And longtime Chromat fave Maya Monès was basically born to shut down runway shows.

Best Instagram:

Most accurate tweet:

An excited Dej Loaf, wearing an elastic toggle anorak and skyscraper pigtails, ran backstage after the show to give Becca a giant hug.

On the speakers: Miami-based producer Suzi Analogue put a mesmerizing all-femme spin on DJ Rashad's "Let it Go." The final walk was set to Uniiqu3's bass-heavy remix of "Bodak Yellow."

It will be remembered as:
A celebration of self-care and community in this weird time of turmoil.

Go backstage at Chromat's spring/summer 18 show here.

Photography Mitchell Sams
Photography Mitchell Sams
Photography Mitchell Sams
Photography Mitchell Sams
Photography Mitchell Sams
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