when jme met jeremy

You’ve seen the photo. Now watch a trailer for the full-length film.

by Matthew Whitehouse
15 May 2017, 3:50pm

With one week left to register to vote in the general election, i-D invited grime star JME to meet up with leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn, to discuss the importance of a high youth turnout on 8 June. Part of a full-length film that touches on grime, engagement and the need to make your voice heard, it sees the pair trading thoughts on why young people voting is more vital than ever before.

"One thing I want to make sure I do say, is that I've never voted before. Ever," JME says, in a trailer for the film. "I've grown up making the best of what I've got, but sometimes we feel like we don't need to vote, it doesn't matter. No one has our best interests at heart anyway."

He continues: "Now, we seem to be seeing someone that we can actually trust. Someone that's human."

"Well," replies Jeremy. "Political change doesn't always come from politicians, does it?"

Watch the trailer and keep your eyes peeled for the full-length film, which will be coming to i-D soon. 


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