the spring/summer 17 new faces who rocked our world

Fashion shows would be nothing without the fantastic personalities that put their feet forward and glitz down the runway. If this season is about glamour (it is), then these fresh faces are set for super stardom. We pick ten of our favorite break-out...

by Bojana Kozarevic
18 October 2016, 12:55pm

Ellen Rosa
This Brazillian beauty has had a breakout season like no other. Making her debut at NYFW, she stole the show(s) in New York, Milan, and Paris. Opening Altuzarra in her new season, Ellen has owned the runways from Alexander Wang to Prada to Dior. With piercing eyes and an indelible elegance, Ellen is our favorite face of the season.

Hoyean Jung
Red-haired siren Hoyeon Jung has amassed a huge following on her Instagram profile, which showcases her fiery personality and laughter. Korean-born Hoyeon is set for stardom!

Sara Grace Wallerstedt
Ginger beauty Sara Grace debuted at the Proenza Schouler show as an exclusive. Straight from there, she Milan-moonlighted to Prada. Texan-born Sara Grace embodies elfin beauty and striking features.

Huan Zhou
Blunt-fringe beauty Huan Zhou hails from China. Gliding through the Celine show, Huan Zhou is capturing hearts with her elegance.

Demi Jonk
Looking like Lindsey Wixson's long-lost sister, Demi made her debut at Ryan Lo's utterly gorgeous and saccharine show. Hailing from Holland, this model is also an enthusiastic vlogger — catch her here! 

Michelle Gutkneckt
Another Proenza Schouler and Prada exclusive (as well as Paco Rabanne) this Polish beauty is one to watch. With luscious locks and an angelic face, we see big things for Michelle!

Noemi Abigail
Since winning a modeling competition, Noemie hasn't looked back. She kicked off her last season as a Prada exclusive, but this season owned the catwalks from London to Paris! Opening the Valentino show in all its romance made us fall a little more in love with her.

Jourdana Phillips
Debuting a brand-new-super-cool-funky-fresh number one hair-do at Saint Laurent this season, Jourdana is one of the hottest girls around. The show is one of fashion's main tickets, and Jourdana closed it. Game, set, match.

So good she only needs one name. If there was a show, she walked it. Opening for Victoria Beckham, Roberto Cavalli, and Mugler and closing Chloe — Faretta proves she has girl power that spans all across the globe. Watch this space.

Elibeidy Danis
Elibeidy closed London's Burberry show as an exclusive, and hasn't looked back since. Striking eyes and a killer walk, Elibeidy is a force to be reckoned with — go, girl go! 


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