the ​i-D team’s oscar winner wishlist

As the nominations come out, we reveal our personal favourites for Academy Award glory this year.

by i-D Team
15 January 2015, 5:05pm

With the nominees for the 87th Academy Awards announced today we pick our favourites from the year's biggest pictures.

Best Actor
"Eddie Redmayne. He really brought Stephen Hawking to life." Tish Weinstock, Editorial Assistant

"Steve Carrell's turn as a deluded multi-millionaire who buys his way into leading the US wrestling team is creepy and darkly funny. He's entirely convincing, and it's all the more remarkable considering his comedy background." Stuart Brumfitt, Digital News Editor

"Michael Keaton in Birdman because who wouldn't want to fly away with Beetlejuice? Tender and self-deprecating, the blissed out Keaton plays the part of an actor haunted by his past." Steve Salter, Head of Socials

Best Actress
"I hope Rosamund Pike wins because she played a psychopath so well. The characters insanity had me on the edge of my seat!" Julia Sarr-Jamois, Senior Fashion Editor

"Julianne Moore in Still Alice - Julianne Moore is fab in almost everything and I love crying in a sad film." Felicity Kinsella, Assistant Editor

"Rosamund Pike's psychotic performance in Gone Girl definitely deserves a gong for Best Actress." Lynette Nylander, Managing Editor

Best Supporting Actor
"J.K. Simmons in Whiplash - He's so intense I'm actually scared of him." Felicity Kinsella, Assistant Editor

"Mark Ruffalo plays the most comforting, beary big brother in Foxcatcher. There's a quiet depth to his character." Stuart Brumfitt, Digital News Editor

"Ethan Hawke in Boyhood. As the film fast-forwarded through 12 years of his life, it was a delight to watch Hawke mature with a standout performance." Steve Salter, Head of Socials

Best Supporting Actress
"Patricia Arquette in Boyhood. She's the emotional lynchpin upon which the whole film rests." Felix Petty, Content Manager

"I've been hooked on Patricia Arquette since True Romance, so Boyhood had melaughing and crying (mostly crying) as she negotiated the ups and downs of parenthood, literally growing older in front of our eyes. What a wonderful actress." Francesca Dunn, Staff Writer

"Emma Stone in Birdman because I love her and her make-under, or Patricia Arquette in Boyhood for that scene when her son goes to college." Felicity Kinsella, Assistant Editor

Best Director
"Wes Anderson, because he's got such an iconic vision and narrative style." Tish Weinstock, Editorial Assistant

"Wes Anderson. The uniqueness of his vision is easily spoofed maybe, but there's a lightness to his touch that feels natural for all his visual tics." Francesca Dunn, Staff Writer

"Richard Linklater for Boyhood - it took 12 years to film..." Felicity Kinsella, Assistant Editor

Best Picture
"Boyhood is easily the best film I saw all year: the most moving, most original, most truthful film I've seen in a long time." Felix Petty, Content Manager

"The Grand Budapest Hotel is beautiful, intelligent and hilarious. Exactly what you want from a film/date/life partner. I wish more than anything that I could befriend Agatha, eat cakes from Mendls and live in the pastel dreamworld of the Grand Budapest Hotel forever. Wanderson is unbeatable." Francesca Dunn, Staff Writer

"The Grand Budapest Hotel - You can take a still from any point in the movie and it will always definitely be stunning." Felicity Kinsella, Assistant Editor

"The concept of Boyhood was phenomenal and executed really well." Lynette Nylander, Managing Editor

"The Grand Budapest Hotel for me. It's wholly original, smart and funny. I'd found recent Anderson films verging on too twee, but this brought him right back, helped by darker humour. What a caper!" Stuart Brumfitt, Digital News Editor

The Grand Budapest Hotel
Gone Girl