clarian north is the transcendental house producer that gives the best interview ever

What record does he wish he'd made? What couldn't he live without? And the song that made him fall in love with electronic music.

by James Hutchins
21 January 2015, 6:25pm

Clarian North is always one to give an interesting interview (you only have to read his bio to get the the jist). The transcendental house music producer has collaborated with Clockwork and Guy Gerber to name but a few, was one half of the house/techno/left-field pop group Footprintz and now heads up A&R at Seth Troxler's new imprint Soft Touch. The label covers all bases, rolling techno grooves, calypso post-punk disco and dreamy sixties, West Coast pop vibes all into one. 

Musically influenced by Buddha and Action Bronson, and fuelled by a heady diet of cigarettes and peanut butter, the Canadian-born DJ and producer chatted to i-D and delivered us a mix chock full of woozy Soft Touch sounds.

Hi Clarian! Where are you in the world right now?
I'm trapped in a fortune cookie factory.

Are you based in Canada?
No, but Canada is based in me.

What is the club scene like over there?
Feeding the dark lord, Aeval. Leather overalls, whips, zips and ice cream in the dungeon.

So are you not the A&R behind Soft Touch? What is the ethos behind the label?
We want to hold your hand on the dance floor and whisper softly in your ear. Not in a creepy way, unless that's cool with you.

What will be your approach to finding and signing new artists?
Late night meetings with Kraftwerk, Nile Rodgers, maybe some scientists. Probably order Chinese food. I'm thinking: spring rolls, tom wan won whatever soup. Definitely go for the dumplings. Sweet and sour pork is bomb. Richard Branson's got nothing on us.

How did you meet Seth?
He comes to me in visions.

What is he like to work with?

What other projects are you working on?
Keeping it real.

Are you still involved in Footprintz at all?
It's tied around my heart on a string of silver drums and pulls me around like a Romanian symphony.

What was the song that made you fall in love with electronic music?
Spacemen 3, Hypnotised.

What song that you've made are you most proud of?
Tainted Hearts.

What room in your house gives you the most inspiration?
The basement if you're not afraid of ghosts. Fuck the kitchen.

What influences you most visually/musically?
Buddha and Action Bronson.

What items could Clarian not live without?
My mini doll collection of Jamie Principle.

If you could go back to back with any DJ in the world who would it be?
Why would I do something like that?

What were your childhood obsessions?
Sex, death, and Evangelion. No particular order.

What food keeps you going?
Cigarettes and peanut butter.

I saw in an interview you said words are meaningless, what's the most meaningful thing to you?
Why bother to have a meaning when you have drum machines?

Is that your greatest love?
Love is not a measurement of greatness; it's a drop of milk on a fresh morning bagel: circular, warm and tender, infinite; delicious yet melancholic.This message has been brought to you by *Soft Touch.

If you were not doing music what would you be doing?
I'd be doing music.

Was it something you always wanted to do or did you want to be a something else and fate had you fall into music?

What's your approach towards making music?
I have an uncompromising vision that's often changing.

Is there one record that you've been searching for but can't find?
If I tell you and you find it, will you send it to me?

What record do you wish you had made?
Two Lone Swordsmen, Spark.

Describe Clarian in three words.
Who the fuck is Clarian? 


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