get lost in the hedonism of new york nightlife

Take a peek at the weird and wonderful world of New York clubbing, catch a glimpse at the high priestesses of the night, and lose yourself in the land of LOVERBOY in these behind-the-scene pictures.

by i-D Staff
02 December 2016, 3:25pm

In our latest series LOVERBOY Takes New York, London fashion designer Charles Jeffrey journeys to the Big Apple during fashion week to explore runway shows, DIY designers, and the underground club culture exploding in the city after dark. There to record it all was trusty Loverboy cohort Gareth Wrighton. "At its purest, Loverboy is a blank, sweaty canvas you can project yourself onto for the night," muses Gareth. "Over the years it's been a space to hone my photographic eye amongst some really exciting young minds. Taking Loverboy to New York then meant we had to project our London energy as much as we could through the other channels — the set, our looks, and the music. It was great to then have Sussi, Harry, Gia, EVERYONE project their New York sensibilities on our blank canvas. I had a blast."


Photography Gareth Wrighton

Charles Jeffrey
Loverboy Takes New York
gareth wrighton