you can now hang out in jerry seinfeld’s apartment

We know, it’s sweeter news than when Elaine found out JFK Jr was in her aerobics class.

by Emily Manning
24 June 2015, 9:38pm

Image via YouTube

As of today, you can watch every single episode of Seinfeld instantly on Hulu--news that will have many people boarding up every entrance to their apartment to keep Kramer-esque neighbors from interrupting the long awaited binge watch. But New Yorkers better break out their best frilly shirts and try not to flip out like Elaine on the F train, because the streaming service has launched a pop-up museum that features a full recreation of Jerry's apartment.

For the next five days, Milk Studios visitors can air their grievances at a replica Festivus pole, attempt to order the big salad at the original booth from the gang's favorite diner haunt, and even channel their inner George Costanza and snap a sexy photo straddling the iconic red velvet couch (tighty whiteys optional).

The museum boasts a few other spongeworthy highlights: original scripts, George's OG Frogger arcade game, Jerry's Superman action figure, and a jar of "These pretzels are making me thirsty!" pretzels.

What seems to be missing, though, is a trip inside the closets of the cult series' most beloved characters. Although he's a recent Rag & Bone campaign star, Jerry Seinfeld basically invented normcore: where are the shrines to dad jeans and Nike Huaraches? Kramer's baggy brown blazers and Hawaiian shirt combinations serve serious Prada vibes. Although the Seinfeld runway reunion might never happen, we're still stoked to barge straight on in to apartment 5A. 


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