malia obama might be the coolest of us all

Barack and Michelle’s eldest is holding down Pro Era, Joey Badass’ bright young hip-hop crew, on Instagram. We’ve gotta wonder: what other awesome stuff is the first daughter secretly into?

by Emily Manning
05 January 2015, 7:35pm

Image via @MaskedGorilla

Having disclosed the classified contents of the Presidential iPod in an interview with Rolling Stone back in 08, it's no secret that Barack Obama, like so many of his "fellow Americans", enjoys the sweet musical stylings of Jay-Z. But until recently, we weren't aware that his eldest daughter is also a hip hop fan. Sunday evening, a selfie of 16-year-old Malia reppin' a Pro Era (Joey Badass' bright young Brooklyn crew) t-shirt surfaced on Instagram. We're glad to see she's finally caught a break from those White House-approved kid dresses, but even more excited to see the first signs of her personality shining through.

Although the White House certainly isn't a No Flex Zone (have you seen Michelle Obama's arms?) we've gotta wonder what other awesome shit is the first daughter secretly into. Is her room spangled with Siouxsie and the Banshees posters? Does she collect back issues of The Face? Already at 6'1, will she soon follow Kendall Jenner onto top fashion week runways? Even if these burning questions remain unanswered, we're content imagining the first family squad up to Clique in the Oval Office. 


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Image via @MaskedGorilla

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