supermodels need role models too

I don’t wanna be a supermodel; I wanna be a role model. Despite being 5ft9 and above, we asked some of our favourite supers about who they look up to most and what makes a person truly inspirational. Friends come and go but role models last forever.

by Tish Weinstock
23 May 2014, 2:15pm

Guinevere wears top Celine. Skirt Purple Passion. Photography Karim Sadli. Styling Havana Laffitte.

"Single mothers are role models to me. The ability to manage a career, a home and the challenges that go with them, plus maintaining schedules and needs of their children is awe-inspiring. I find those who are able to maintain grace under fire and keep their sense of humour intact truly inspirational." Linda Evangelista

"Azzedine Alaia is the most inspirational person I know. He has changed my life. What make a person inspirational? The ability to touch and move's all about being fearless! My role model is my mother." Stephanie Seymour

"So many people inspire me, but recently I've been really impressed with how much my fellow models are contributing to important causes.'' Karen Elson

"An inspirational woman is charming, kind, humble, has a good energy and easy going! She has a beautiful soul; Sophia Loren is my role model because she represents femininity.'' Isabeli Fontana

"My mother is my role model - she has always given me good advice. She inspires me because she never complains or expects anything - she lives in the moment and trusts her faith that everything will be ok.'' Natasha Poly

"Passion, humility, kindness, thoughtfulness and humour are what makes someone inspirational. Someone with courage to face the good, the bad, and indifferent." Amber Valetta

"I'm inspired by people who stay true to their beliefs and those who always try to give something back to the world." Iselin Steiro

"My role model will always be my mother. Her strength and courage inspires me to be a better woman and mother." Jourdan Dunn

"Talent, good manners and a good sense of humour are what make someone inspirational. My role model is anyone who devotes their life to competing or training horses - the amount of dedication, hard work and strength of character is MAD!!!" Edie Campbell

"My role model is Freja Beha. I adore her, she is incredibly cool and very cute, especially when she smiles." Fan Binbing

"I am inspired by the underdog. Anyone who starts out at the bottom and makes their way up to the top. I don't have one role model. There are plenty of men, women, politicians, musicians and artists to look up to." Julia Nobis

"My role model is my papa. He has the heart of an angel and the will of a lion. He's 86, and I've never met a more able person in my life." Sean O'Pry

"An inspirational person is a risk taker - someone who recognises their unique ability and dreams...and then goes for it. Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen is my role model because she is so excellent at what she does. She proves her genius every time - plus she is such a beautiful person." Kristen McMenamy

"A good role model is someone who never gives up against all odds." Maria Bradley

"A role model knows how to combine refinement, grace and manners without losing composure."  Aymeline Valade

"I admire people who are not afraid to be who they really are - loud, quiet, extreme or subtle - they are able to express every facet of themselves. My role model is The Fountainhead's Dominique Francon." Guinevere Van Seenus


Text Tish Weinstock
Photography Karim Sadli 
Styling Havana Laffitte

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