a new show brings basketball to the beach

Meet the designer behind the surreal, summer-ready photo series now on view at Colette.

by Emily Manning and i-D Staff
02 June 2015, 11:10pm

New Yorkers love basketball. There's no greater evidence of this fondness than the city's countless public courts, whether twelve-net pavement expanses or tiny hoops tucked away on tree-lined side streets. But while it's easy to find a place to shoot a three in NYC, it's not as easy for local surfing enthusiasts to catch a wave. Just ask John Margaritis, the designer and photographer bringing his Hoop Dreams to life at Colette.

"People always thought it was weird that I was from New York and surfed," John told i-D of the origin of his brand New York Sunshine, a graphic sports-streetwear hybrid with a distinctive hometown edge. "Being from New York, I also have always loved basketball, and when I realized how different surfing and basketball were and how people couldn't see the connection I could, I thought, 'How can I combine the two so other people can see what I see?'"

John sought to produce a series of striking images that would help illustrate his brand's unique vision. What started as mounting his photos of the ocean behind backboard glass eventually became an all out mission to bring basketball to the beach, constructing a full-scale hoop in the middle of the ocean.

"It took a couple tries, but we ended up with a glass backboard and rim on an eight foot wooden post mounted on a swivel to a 6'x6' cage that could be filled up with sandbags to sink it to the bottom after we floated it out into the waves," John explained of the mechanics behind his surreal shots. "After getting carried down the beach by the current more times than we'd like to admit, we got it up and standing out in the waves. We left the hoop out in the water for the day to photograph and video. The image that day produced sums up what I'm all about."

Having stocked at Colette for the past year, John the saw the shop as the ideal venue to exhibit the summer-ready series. Although you might have missed last night's opening party, you can catch Hoop Dreams on view until June 21. 

Plus check out New York Sunshine's spring/summer 15 lookbook: 




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Images courtesy John Margaritis

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