model emily bador wants to make an all-dog movie of her life

This half-English, half-Malaysian beauty has a lot to say about “token” models, being pro-choice, and using your social following to do good.

by i-D Staff and Felicity Kinsella
05 November 2015, 11:31pm

Emily Bador is as clever as she is beautiful. A decade or so ago, models were known for being seen but not heard -- sitting pretty in the pages of magazines, strutting down runways, and not saying a word. But today, models -- with their huge social media followings -- have more power than ever, and many of them are using it to start important conversations. Emily's Instagram is a mélange of Frida Kahlo paintings, T-shirts stating "My Pussy, My Choice", and selfies (you would too if you had her face). A firm feminist, here's what the 18-year-old, Brighton-bred, London-based beauty has to say about abortion, diversity, and using your public platform to say something useful.

1. When she's not modeling...
"I've just moved to London so at the moment, when I'm not busy working or watching crime dramas, I'm really trying to get to know my new city."

2. Her dream brand to model for is...
"Burberry. That would deffo be a dream."

3. The apps she uses most on her phone are...
"Instagram and Facebook messenger."

4. This is what she thinks about her social media followers count...
"I'm not bothered really, it's just for fun."

5. This is why she wore a T-shirt stating "My Pussy, My Choice"...
"I believe that no one else has any right to tell any woman (or anyone for that matter) what they can or can't do with their body. You have the right to choose contraception, you have the right to choose abortion, you have the right to say no, you have the right to love who you wanna love, or even love no one at all. It's your choice."

6. There are quite a few things she'd like to change within the fashion industry…
"I'd like there to be more diversity. It's amazing now, but it needs to get better. People need to stop using 'token' models. Fashion should represent everyone and just be more ethnically diverse. Body shape and height, too -- no one should feel alienated by the fashion industry.

Also I hope we stop buying into these models with nothing to say, who get ahead because of their rich or famous parents. Like, I want models who will stand up and talk about politics, racism, mental health, poverty, and all these other things that effect so many normal people. Imagine the difference you could make if you had 39.7 million followers?"

7. If she made a documentary, it would be about...
"Poverty and mental health, and the link between them. Common mental health issues are around twice as likely if you're poor compared to rich."

8. This is what a blockbuster of her life would look like if she got the chance to make it...
"I'd want it to be all played by dogs, like think Cats and Dogs, where they animate them all to talk. My character would be an Afghan Hound crossed with something, the romantic interest would be a Staffie-Labrador cross, and all the characters would be voiced by Justin Timberlake. Oh and if I end up having an arch enemy it'll be played by a Border Terrier! Wiley would do the whole soundtrack."

9. Here's her advice for all you wannabe models...
"Remember, no one is perfect and you don't have to change for anyone."

10. She's got big dreams…
"I wanna be like that old guy in the States with the dog train, who takes in unwanted pups, and built a train that he drives the dogs around the town in."



Text Felicity Kinsella
Photography John Akehurst
Styling Siobhan Lyons
Hair Yumi Nakada Dingle
Make-up Jose Bass
Photography Assistance Michael Williams and Marcin
Post Production Hempstead May
Casting Rebecca Knox

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