mic publishes rihanna review before hearing 'anti'

The future of online journalism, y’all!

by Stuart Brumfitt
27 November 2015, 4:15pm

Such is the competition between websites to beat each other to a scoop, that quick fire reviews and hastily whipped up opinions come flying out at the speed of light. But yesterday, Mic.com writer Chris Riotta made a false start by reviewing Rihanna's new album Anti before he'd even heard it -- which was then aggregated on Yahoo. 

The site accidentally uploaded a template review of the album featuring generic biographical details ("The 27-year-old performer's latest album"), pre-existing information ("streaming exclusively on Tidal") and [INSERT HERE] sections for flourishes of originality (yet to come). For many, it's a sad and scary example of how online media works -- caring not for consideration, reflection and genuine opinion. But for realists in the industry it's simply a canny way of prepping your content so it's good to go and can haul in the hits. 

In the aftermath of the outrage, Riotta's response couldn't have been better.