cara delevingne angers feminists by recreating ‘the future is female’ t-shirt

The model and actor has starting selling her own version of the recently revived 70s lesbian separatist slogan T-shirt that she and girlfriend Annie Clarke had been seen wearing.

by Briony Wright
07 December 2015, 10:00am

Image from Cara Delevingne's Instagram.

A t-shirt that was designed in the 70s by a radical lesbian separatist feminist publishing group and emblazoned with the words, "THE FUTURE IS FEMALE" has resonated with a modern audience, resulting in more than one party selling contemporary versions. And while it's probable that everyone involved has the best intentions, there are accusations of copyright and good-will laws being violated.

Late last month we wrote a news story about the original t-shirt, which was made in the early 70s for the first women's bookstore in New York City - a place called Labyris Books - by Liza Cowan, who also shot the iconic image of her then girlfriend Alix Dobkin wearing it.

Alix Dobkin wearing the original t-shirt in 1975. Photography Liza Cowan. 

Recently, the owner of Otherwild design studio, Rachel Berks, discovered the vintage print on h_e_r_s_t_o_r_y and approached the original creators about remaking it and selling it on their website (which specialises in cool queer-centric products) with 25% of the profits going to Planned Parenthood.

As we reported earlier, the t-shirt was an instant hit and even purchased by Annie Clark of St Vincent, who bought one for herself and one for her girlfriend Cara Delevingne. The response was big and for some reason Cara decided she'd make and sell her own version with her profits going to proceeds going to the United Nations Foundation's adolescent girl campaign, Girl Up. 

Right now the people behind Otherwild and their LGBTIQ supporters are accusing Cara Delevingne of stealing the idea from a small, small queer feminist-owned business. The sentiment is that what she is doing is contrary to everything the slogan stands for. 

And while Cara is claiming that the slogan wasn't created by Otherwild and is therefore not owned by them, the people at h_e_r_s_t_o_r_y are standing behind Otherwild and calling out Cara in a fairly sever post. They close their post stating, "This is not the female future. Please go to Delevigne's Insta account and tell her to CUT the SHIT ---> Please share this msg./support #Otherwild"

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