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It’s Lydia Deetz! All grown up and the face of Marc Jacobs’ 2016 beauty campaign! To celebrate the 90s icon’s stylish comeback, here are her top 10 moments. Winona Forever ♥

by Felicity Kinsella
18 December 2015, 9:25am

With her porcelain skin, inky black hair and weird movie roles, Winona Ryder never made any effort to be universally appealing, which is exactly what made her the poster girl of 90s grunge. In 1988, when she was 17-years-old, she played the "strange and unusual" gothic outsider, Lydia Deetz in Beetlejuice, in 1990 she played the blonde-bouffant haired popular girl who fell in love with the gentle, scissor-handed man, played by her then fiancé, Johnny Depp, in Edward Scissorhands, and in 1999 she played the troubled and obnoxious Susanna in Girl, Interrupted - someone who any teenage girl, borderline personality disorder or not, can probably identify with. She was EVERYTHING back then, and now she's back as the face of Marc Jacobs beauty, and has the (Beetle)juices flowing around the rumour mill, as she confirms a sequel to the '88 classic. To celebrate her first ever beauty campaign, here are her top on screen moments.

1. Beetlejuice (1988)
There's nothing that will warm the cockles of your heart more than seeing the sad, suicidal, gothic outsider Lydia Deetz, finally happy, living in harmony with her mum, dad and ghostly friends, and floating above the staircase singing and dancing along to Harry Belafonte's Jump in the Line.

2. Heathers (1988)
Christian Slater: Pretend I did blow up the school. Now that you're dead, what are you going to do with your life?
Winona Ryder: [Takes cigarette out of pocket and puts it in mouth]
[Bomb explodes]
The coolest way to light a cigarette. EVER.

3. Edward Scissorhands (1990)
I mean, Winona and Johnny. That's all.

4. Mermaids (1990)
Cher, Winona and Christina Ricci make the most perfect dysfunctional family of metaphorical mermaids ever, each with their own little quirks. Mrs Flax (Cher) is the inappropriate mother, Charlotte Flax (Winona) wants to live a celibate life until she falls in love with a church boy, and Kate Flax (Christina Ricci at an adorable 10 years old) just wants to beat the world record for holding your breath under water.

5. Terry Wogan interviewing Winona Ryder (1991)
She's 19 years old, quite shy, engaged to Johnny Depp and promoting Mermaids. It's easy to see why Depp fell in love with her. Here she talks about her "hippy" parents, being in a stable relationship, not taking drugs and a marriage that would never be :( 

6. Reality Bites (1994)
Whether it's Jump the Line in Beetlejuice, If You Wanna Be Happy in Mermaids, or My Sharona in the local offy in Reality Bites, Winona Ryder jumping around and dancing on screen is always just the best thing ever.

7. Girl, Interrupted (1999)
Winona and Angelina Jolie's roles in this film are the ones cited by almost all young actresses as their dream parts. Winona even opened up about her own depression and how important that made Girl, Interrupted to her. Winona's bath-time tirade against Whoopi Goldberg as Nurse Valerie is one of her finest moments.

8. Friends (2001)
The one where Winona Ryder hears coconuts knocking together. Winona scored one of the greatest Friends cameos of the whole sitcom. Who wouldn't want to see Rachel kissing one of her old sorority sisters, who had been secretly in love with her since they first drunkenly kissed back in college, then refused to admit it happened because she thought it was unrequited and she had a boyfriend? No one.

9. Here With Me, The Killers (2012)
Winona is reunited with Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands director, Tim Burton, in the video for The Killers' Here With Me. Is she real? Is she a doll? Is she a waitress? Is she famous? Or is she just a candle… no one knows what's really going on but, well, Winona.

10. Black Swan (2010)
Winona's awful character in Black Swan mirrored the pressures she herself had experienced of the entertainment industry, but she totally nailed it. "Doing the character was really cool in a way because I'm a bit older and the whole idea (is) there's these young new actresses coming up. I'm sort of 'old school'!" Winona told Total Film magazine. "I like the idea of being replaced and being older, especially now I've just turned 39. When I started acting, I wanted to be like [Rosemary's Baby star] Ruth Gordon, because I was always the kid and always wanted to be older. So it's interesting for me to be older than people now."

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