is this film the turkish ‘virgin suicides’?

In her debut film, Deniz Gamze Ergüven captures the importance of sisterhood.

by Hana Beach
29 October 2015, 8:15pm

If Sofia Coppola's first film, The Virgin Suicides, perfectly captured teen angst in 70s suburban America, then Deniz Gamze Ergüven's debut, Mustang, may be its spiritual sequel. Mustang centers around five sisters who are imprisoned by their great aunt and uncle in their conservative Turkish home, after going on an innocent beach trip with male classmates. The trailer is filled with heartwarming scenes of the girls supporting each other as they're married off one by one.

Ergüven's first feature-length film, Mustang debuted at Cannes in May and won the Europa Cinemas Label Award. It is also this year's French entry for best foreign language film at the Academy Awards. While the film's plot may look infuriating, as the girls lose physical and psychological freedom, the intense connections Ergüven reveals between them reinforce the importance of sisterhood.

'Mustang' premieres in the US on November 20.


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