watch years & years get apocalyptic in 'eyes shut'

Get lost in the British band's dystopian world.

by i-D Staff
28 September 2015, 12:09pm

Olly calmly walks through a dimly lit, semi-collapsing building, passing Emre and Mikey as he goes. With the world freaking out around him, people are frantic, others imprisoned, and everything is going to shit. Welcome to the dark cinematic visuals for Eyes Shut. "The song is about self preservation and wanting to hide from disaster. For the video we created a dystopian world and let ourselves loose in it", Years & Years frontman Olly explains. Breaking out into the madness, the sky is a brilliant blue and the song soars as high as the smoke billowing from the buildings. "At the time I wrote it I was feeling very depressed so it was a bit more introspective than the other songs," continues Olly. "I wrote it to be kind of a personal torch song." Taken from their debut album Communion, Eyes Shut leaves us wanting to watch the rest of what surely warrants a whole movie.

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