13-year-old actress rowan blanchard just schooled us all on feminism

The tween star is leading a tumblr discussion on the topic.

by Hana Beach
24 August 2015, 6:40pm

Sexism in the entertainment industry is nothing new. Interviews with female celebrities are too often filled with questions about ex-boyfriends and beach bodies. But in a refreshing change of course, celebrities are now taking to their social media accounts to set the record straight: first there was Ariana Grande's Instagram about double standards, and now 13-year-old Girl Meets World star Rowan Blanchard has written an informative tumblr post about white feminism.

In her post, Rowan educates her followers about what exactly white feminism means and how her personal understanding of feminism is as inclusive as possible. She drops statistics about the female wage gap between minorities and offers an enlightening view about intersectional feminism. With the help of fellow wunderkind Amandla Stenberg and academic Kimberle Crenshaw, Rowan explains the diversified views and experience of inequality and sexism. When reading the post it's hard to believe that a middle schooler could be so informed and write so eloquently about a subject most celebrities try to avoid. But Rowan is not one to shy away from dealing with sexism. A member of Emma Watson's team#HeForShe, Rowan is positioning herself as one of the future faces of feminism. And her wise posts remind us that the future is in good hands.



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