a makeup artist's gorgeous shot brings out racist trolls

A MAC Instagram image of a model's lush lips gets ugly comments.

by i-D Staff and Laura Vogel
21 February 2016, 3:27pm

Last week, as reported on Attn:, the MAC Cosmetics Instagram page posted the above image of heartbreakingly gorgeous model, Aamito Stacie Lagum, backstage at New York Fashion Week. Her full lips had been adorned with Matte Royal lipstick.

Wonderful, right? Well, it was until some hideous trolls began commenting, turning something simply beautiful into something deeply ugly (see below).

Blessedly, of the more than 33,000 comments on the post, the majority were sane people standing up against the racist bullies (and pointing out, wisely, that Kylie Jenner is more and more adored by the public as her lips get more plump), but it was still a depressing event. 

Image via Instagram

This is Aamito Stacie Lagum in all her glory, via Instagram

The upside to this nasty digital event is that tons of people — especially women of color — have fought back against the haters. Follow the group #PrettyLipsPeriod to see a collection of photos of beautiful, full-lipped women from around the world. 

As well, MAC stood up and shot down the negativity with a simple, straight-on post:

Well done.


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