moma are launching a totally free photography course

Put down Instagram, pick up that old film camera, and learn photography from one of the best museums in the world.

by Raquel Zas
19 February 2016, 11:55am


We're bombarded with so many images now we might feel that we're all authorities on the finer points of visual culture, we have all the equipment in the palms, but beyond the Instagram filters, what do really know about photography? That's why MoMA in New York have launched a new online course, Seeing Through Photographs, open to the public that aims to teach how photography works and what lies behind meticulously crafted shot.


The course is based on MoMA's collections, the students will discuss the messages hidden in the works of different artists, and try to figure what each individual shot symbolises. It will also make use of short film, video, and interviews with industry professionals. It's a convenient, and free, way, to broaden your horizons and learn more about the visual culture that surrounds us.

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Images courtesy MoMA