10 things you need to know about molly goddard

As we look forward to Molly Goddard turning the fashion industry marshmallow pink in her first show with NEWGEN, we slip into her sugarplum dream world…

by i-D Team and Francesca Dunn
20 February 2015, 1:10pm

From left to right: Rachel wears all clothing Molly Goddard. Earrings stylist's own. Socks American Apparel. Kay wears all clothing Molly Goddard. Earrings stylist's own. Necklace and bracelet model's own. Lulu wears all clothing Molly Goddard.. Earrings stylist's own.

Hailing from West London, 26-year-old Molly G has fulfilled her childhood dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Following internships with John Galliano and Meadham Kirchhoff, and one of the prettiest debut presentations we've ever seen, the former Central Saint Martins MA student takes inspiration from the wardrobe of her youth and creates looks so charming they have us falling head over heels into her poufy world. Already much loved by those in the know, her 2013 capsule collaboration with ASOS sold out right away and her first full collection was stocked by Dover Street Market. Molly's designs are bright and boxy tulle creations full of frills and fun; the playful opacity of the fabric opening up the potential to layer, layer, layer. At her spring/summer 15 presentation FUN MOLLY PARTY, her sister and partner in crime Alice styled the duo's best friends - some with vintage band tees emerging from the colorful frou frou, some straight up fairytale, others in the stunning dark taffeta smock dresses introduced last season. Clearly a fan, the designer reckons her awkwardly beautiful party dresses would be right at home in psychedelic 70s movie, Holy Mountain. While NYC's The Prettiots play dress up in her designs, get to know the wonderful and magical, the utterly fantastical, Molly Goddard…

1. She loves her West London 'hood. Mostly for the…
"clean streets, Portobello, posh people, local friends I've had since school and being walking distance from the fabric shops of Shepherds Bush".

2. If she could have anyone in the world wear her designs it would be…
"Miuccia Prada."

3. Molly had the greatest school disco look.
"My best outfit was grey Gap combat trousers with a sequin boob tube and my hair up in loads of mini buns."

4. Her favorite Spice Girl is Ginger Spice.

5. A Molly Goddard girl has a great sense of humour and is always up for dancing.
"Destiny's Child's Bootlicious is guaranteed to get her dancing. FUN FACT: Her favorite move is the cowboy lasso with fast feet."

6. Molly has a thing about dancehall.
"Mainly due to the fact that I've been on a float at Notting Hill Carnival every year since I was seven!"

7. She has weird dreams.
"Sometimes I dream of Twiglet forests and chicken being pulled apart". 

8. If she could save just one of her designs from a fire, Molly would save her final BA look.
"It's made up of hundreds of pieces of crochet I sourced over months and then had a dress over the top made of 40 meters of tulle. It weighs so much!"

9. She left CSM before finishing her BA last year, instead swiftly showing her SS15 collection at fashion week.
"I think it's important to learn sewing and making skills, and you are forced to at university. It also helps massively to have a library and learn how to do research. But I also think it's good to know when you have been there too long, and that work experience in any field is vital."

10. The best piece of advice she ever received was from CSM tutor, Louise Wilson.
"She taught me to always have a solid reason for making something, a girl who you want to wear it, and an image that sums it all up. If you have an image you love or a drawing, then make it exactly - don't scrimp or make do. I was also often told how shit I was, which was very good advice, because at the time I really was."



Text Francesca Dunn
Photography Michael Hauptman
Styling Sasha Kelly
Make-up Aya Komatsu at Bridge Artists using NARS
Photography assistance Kiri Wawtai
Styling assistance Vance Gamble
Models Rachel Trachtenburg, Kay Kasparhauser, Lulu Prat from The Prettiots.

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