fetty wap met a little boy he inspired to live without his prosthetic eye

11-year-old Jayden Burgos decided to take out his prothetic eye after seeing Fetty Wap kill it without one.

by i-D Staff
03 March 2016, 1:32pm

Last year Fetty Wap gave us some of 2015's biggest bangers and a new crush (him). But for 11-year-old Jayden Burgos, Fetty gave him something much cooler: the confidence to go out without his prosthetic eye in. Jayden lost his eye to retinoblastoma at two, while Fetty lost his to Glaucoma at six-months-old. 

In September of last year Jayden's mother, Brenda Vaden, penned a lengthy Facebook post explaining her son had removed his prosthetic eye after seeing Fetty go without. Brenda wrote she was "forever thankful" to the rapper, after Jayden's first day "venturing the world without his prosthetic." It was goes without saying: the story incredibly heartwarming. It's no wonder Brenda's post immediately did the rounds on the web, eventually landing in front of Fetty himself. He applauded Jayden's bravery, and seven months on, the pair have finally met. 

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After a show in Denver, Fetty met Jayden and his family. Fetty told People he was happy to inspire Jayden, "I know how it feels to be picked on. I've been talked about my whole entire life. The only difference now is they're saying good things about the guy with one eye. I'm proud of Jayden and I appreciate him more than he may know." 

These days, Fetty's eye doesn't bother him at all. In fact, he's proud. Back in November, we asked the rapper, "What makes Fetty Wap Fetty Wap?" "I'm the guy with the one eye who makes good music," he replied. He's certainly not wrong.

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