exclusive: press play on brodinski's banging astrid andersen show soundtrack

When France's champion producer met the coolest menswear designer to have come out of Denmark, audio-visual sparks flew.

by Francesca Dunn and i-D Staff
09 January 2016, 12:25pm

Astrid Andersen's designs have become something of a uniform for a generation of musicians, including A$AP Rocky, Drake, Wiz Khalifa and Rihanna. With music such a key part of what she does, it makes perfect sense that the menswear designer should team up with a talented young producer to tailor the ultimate soundtrack to her fall/winter 16 show.

With the help of Red Bull Catwalk Studio -- who linked up Nasir Mazhar with Skepta in the past -- Astrid called on French electronic producer and DJ Brodinski for assistance. Although probably more commonly known for his work in the house and techno world, he went on to co-produce Kanye's Yeezus and in 2015 dropped his well-received debut LP Brava. Having worked closely in the studio, Astrid and Brodinski started with Janet Jackson's "Velvet Rope" and the soundtrack sprung from there.

As the show gets underway, take a listen to this extended mix and let Brodinski talk you through the process.

How did you get involved with Red Bull Catwalk Studio?
I got contacted by Astrid and the people taking care of the project. I loved the idea and working with Astrid seems like a good start.

Have you soundtracked a show before?
I never had a chance before, and I'm really thankful Astrid thought of me for this one. I felt like it was a good match for sure.

How much did you know about Astrid beforehand?
I've known about her for a while and am a fan of her work. We met a few times through Tom and Kubo, our mutual friends from Japan. For me, it's always been about working with the people you like and you the talent you admire.

What references were you working with? Did Astrid show you the collection or suggest themes?
We actually talked a lot about music. I totally trust her with what she's doing and I've been looking a lot to her collections. We selected the music together and put the mix together while I was in London last week. I came back to Paris and finished everything up in time for the show, with the help of my partner Sam Tiba.

Tell us about the score you created and how it represents what people will see on the catwalk?
Astrid came up with a proper idea of what she wanted and how she wanted it, so I followed her lead on this one and improvised around that. We started with Janet Jackson's "Velvet Rope" and she simply asked me to build around it.

Why do you think that music in fashion has become more important than ever before?
I think it's a great time for worlds to collide. It's also probably because designers are listening to a lot of cool music.

In your opinion, which one track (by anyone, ever) most represents Astrid Andersen the label?
I would Say DMX, "Ruff Ryders Anthem" remix feat. Clue, Drag-on, Eve & The LOX.

After Fashion Week, what do you have coming up in 2016?
We have a compilation coming up on Bromance Records on January 22 called Homieland Vol. 2. I'm also working on a few projects: a rapper from LA, Bricc Baby's new mixtape Nasty Dealer 2, followed up by Jeff Chery's Cherubic 6lues 2

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