surprise! beyoncé just dropped the scathing and beautiful 'formation'

Listen to the queen's brand-new single right here.

by Laura Vogel
06 February 2016, 10:55pm

Courtesy Parkwood Entertainment

Queen Bey just bestowed a massive, surprise gift to the citizens of planet Earth. Early on Saturday evening — you're welcome, party people — she released the video for her powerful new song "Formation."

Beginning with a shot of her atop a New Orleans police car nearly submerged in flood waters, Beyoncé's new single deals with: Lack of government response after Hurricane Katrina; the Black Lives Matter movement (one shot has a line of riot police holding up their arms when faced down by a small black boy); and her heritage, rapping "My Daddy Alabama Momma Louisiana/ You mix that Negro with that Creole/ Make a Texas bamma."

Her ensembles range from Victorian plantation-era styles to Daisy Dukes, and it's clearly a love-hate letter to the American South. (Oh, and a crazy-adorable Blue Ivy has a cameo.)

We can only hope Bey will perform "Formation" during tomorrow's Superbowl halftime show.



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Video and still courtesy Parkwood Entertainment