​tyler, the creator announces new album, new app and new video

He's back, he's on a roll and he's racing go karts across the desert.

by Tom Ivin
09 April 2015, 2:07pm

Yesterday Tyler, the Creator launched his new app Golf Media. It's kind of a bit of everything curated by the man himself, as he says on the box; it's "basically my brain in one place. It does just about everything except cure asthma. If you find an app that cures asthma, definitely let me know." Registering at golfwang.com before downloading gets you two months of free programming as well as the inaugural issue of the rapper's new print publication Golf Magazine.

Today he also announced new album Cherry Bomb, "because Greatest Hits sounded boring," with two tracks available for preview on iTunes now, and the full thing dropping on April 13. This month has been jammed with new releases and videos, but there has been a space waiting to be filled with Tyler, The Creator's hyper-real clips. i-D's favorite hip-hop pop crossover star also released a video for lead track Fucking Young in glorious Odd Future technicolor, directed by the rapper's alter-ego, Wolf Haley, on Golf Media.

After technical issues with the app this morning, Tyler took to Twitter and attacked video site Vevo, choosing to upload the video himself. The film within a film stays true to the collective's aesthetic, this time with brand new Cherry Bomb merchandise, and follows the traditional OFWGKTA narrative of boy meets girl in fluoro-wonderland, girl shoots down boy's bubblegum balloon, boy's house goes up in flames etc etc…

The whole thing ends in a cinematic balaclava kart chase, bearing close resemblance to the Star Wars trailer, middle finger firmly in the air to let us know he's back.

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