​issue #3 of animæ sets the transgender agenda

And is the first indie mag in decades to publish photos by Steven Meisel…

29 March 2015, 3:25pm

Photography Steven Meisel

Showing his support for independent publications and trans identity, legendary photographer Steven Meisel has contributed a personal selection of images from his archive between 1987 and 2006, of drag artists and transgender performers to the third issue of Animæ, the zine set up in 2013 by Lena Modigh and Matt Ryalls. Titled Trans Mission, it sets out to protect our basic human right to be who we want to be - whether that's transgender, FTM, MTF or any of the 71 genders you can now identify with (as seen on Facebook).

Photography Steven Meisel

Including revealing interviews with HIV positive artist and activist Maxime Angel - right after she'd got out of the hospital following a transphobic attack - and the Midwest single mother (neither drag queen nor artist) behind Master's Tool: Is Unpaid Labor Feminist Practice?, excerpts from Gregory Bryan's juicy New York Chronicles, and titillating fashion editorial, it's set to be a thought provoking read.

Photography Benn Northover

Maxime Angel Photography Mikolai Berg

Illustration Matt Ryalls