james franco, r-patz, al pacino and idris elba to star in new harmony korine film

A bonkers mix of A-list actors are said to be the cast of the director’s next film, 'The Trap.'

by Stuart Brumfitt
25 March 2015, 5:15pm

He made his name co-writing 90s sex and drugs shocker Kids, went on to weird out the mainstream out with Gummo, and most recently followed four college girls descending into bad behavior in Spring Breakers. Now director Harmony Korine is proving he's an established Hollywood heavyweight by assembling an A-list cast for his next film, The Trap. Granted, art-house adventurist James Franco has worked with Korine before, but this time round The Hollywood Reporter says Franco will be joined by teen blockbuster dream Robert Pattinson, rumored future James Bond Idris Elba, and all-time classic cinematic gangster Al Pacino. The movie will be set against the Miami music scene; robberies, drugs and murder are all expected to be up in the mix. 

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