​mushpit issue 7 says don’t be a sell out!

Check out the cover for Mushpit’s The Sell Out Issue and watch Skinny Girl Diet tell it like it is exclusively here.

by Felicity Kinsella
24 June 2015, 9:00am

Mushpit's latest issue is totally ad and bullshit free. The friendly voice of those who've been there done that and have some pearls of wisdom for you is back for the seventh time, and they're advising you: don't be a sell out! Whilst people are peddling their integrity for a free bag, their souls for an ad space, and our country for the benefit of the public school boys, Mushpit's Char Roberts and Bertie Brandes are here to help those who want to keep it real. Featuring plenty of fake ads, a "how much is your Instagram worth?" quiz, a guide to having no money and still getting drunk, an emoji dictionary and tips from Kira Joliffe of Cheap Date fame, The Sell Out Issue is set to be a scorcher. Check out the cover of Issue #7 above, shot by Alice Neale, and Skinny Girl Diet explaining why you shouldn't change yourself for money in a video by Joe Rideout below…

Buy Mushpit Issue #7 here.

skinny girl diet
Bertie Brandes
Char Roberts