the a-z of attitude

Attitude isn’t something you can buy. If you’ve got it, you own it. It’s an effortless sense of self, defined by where you've been, who you know, and what you've experienced. It’s as much about the walk or the hair style as it is about the feeling...

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02 September 2016, 5:20pm


Director Austin Peters
Director of Photography Eric K Yue
Executive Producer Emi Stewart
Producer Madeleine Askwith
Production Manager Lizzie Shapiro
Music DJDS "Friend of Mine"
Steadicam Operator George Bianchini
1st Assistant Director Siena Brown
2nd Assistant Director Alice Johnson
1st Assistant Camera Aly Migliori
2nd Assistant Camera Zander Fife
Photographer Rebecca Smeyne
DIT Castle Gosselin
Gaffers David Gettens and Alex Ashe
Key Grip Corey Jacobs
Sound Chris Schneider
Makeup Justine Sweetman
Hair Stylist Casey Geren
Hair Stylist Dina Calabro
Wardrobe Stylist Vanna Youngstein
Location Manager Mik Cooper
Casting Director Mark Aguilar at East Tenth Casting
Casting Coordinator Nicole Miqueli
Production Designer Rosie Turnbull
Art Director Jonathan Qualtere
Set Decorator Rachel Zabala
Key Production Assistant Kate Branom
Production Assistant Jordan Hubbard
Production Assistant Cooper Burton
Production Assistant Julius Moreno
Production Assistant Antonio Dunston
Production Assistant Matt Cohen
Production Assistant Ronnie Lockiby
Editor Marlo Caine at Spotwelders
Producer, Edit Amanda Slamin at Spotwelders
Assistant Editor Kyle Moriatry at Spotwelders
Colorist Mikey Rossiter at The Mill
Color Producer Natalie Westerfield at The Mill
Production Coordinator, Color Evan Bauer at the Mill
VFX Artist Perry Kroll
Producer, Sound Design and Mix Heath Raymond at Heard City
Sound Design and Mix Mike Vitacco at Heard City
Catering My Kitchen Witch
Equipment Hand Held Films
Expendables Above The Line
i-D Team
Creative Director Bunny Kinney
Creative Charlotte Japp
Art Director Frances Smith
Producer Abby Bralove
Special thanks
Mr. Fongs
Alex Resnikoff at Hand Held
177 Canal Street Studio
Bobby G at Below The Line
Overthrow Boxing
Mark Aguilar at East Tenth Casting
Holly and Michelle at Bernstein & Andriulli
Gem Spa
A - Attitude: Ryan Holder, Jordan Staweck, Chloe Mackey, Tory Van Thompson, Denzel Smiley, Joshua Redd Mitchell, Mahi Tim Mandoza, Jabari Jachuzzi, Isa Tineo, Manon Macasaet, Kaitlin Christy
B - Brawler: Melissa St-Vil
C - Crass: Ghost, Anahit Gulian, Gabrielle Edelman, Mike Mazzotta, Mike Cavazzio
D - Divas: Irvondra Boyce-El, April Jetter, Jacqueline Moneke
E - Enfant Terrible: Julian Drabik, Charlie Himmelstein
F - Feeling Myself: Rachel Zeiger Haag, Nicholas Burrows
G - Get it Girl: Bailey Stiles
H - Hustle: Eric Soria
I - IDGAF: James Dorje
J - Joyous: Danielle Glenn, Stacey Hipps, Amanda Staten, Tenisha Nimmons
K - Keeping it Real: Bunny Lampert
L - Lovers: William Fegan, Chloe Pollack-Robbins
M - Make it Work: CJ Garten
N - No Comment: Eiko Hara
O - O.G.: Alexis Baez
P - Peacocking: Brandon Borkowsky
Q - Queen: Giovanni Palandrani "Aquaria"
R - Rowdy: Jillian Mason, Christopher Shannon
S - Show Time: Karl Nixon, Kevin Nixon, Dominique Murray
T - Tough Guys: Kyle Spain, Marques Nolan
U - Unruly: Emma Zbiral-Telle, Cesar Ernesto Nunez
V - Vertigo: Victor G Thomas
W - Woke Up Like This: Ellen Tolland
X - Xhibitionists: Lucy Edelstein, Miranda Starcevici, Vesper Wolfe, William Eadon
Y: as above
Z - Zen: Karina Perez

a-z of attitude