video premiere: sevdaliza, that other girl

The Dutch artist turned to art duo Pussykrew for a bizarre music video for her song That Other Girl. Watch it now on i-D.

02 September 2015, 11:45am

28-year-old Sevdaliza from Rotterdam teamed up with Shanghai based art duo Pussykrew last December for what might be one of the most labour-intensive music video's ever created. Today, on her birthday, Sevdaliza decided it was the moment to share the video with the world.

For the music video they used scan technology that up until now were being used only for medical purposes. With these they made super sharp scans of Sevdaliza's face and body, and the video is build up out of thousands of rendered stills -- the video is a totally surreal 3D experience.

In the video Sevdaliza has fallen victim to her own stay perfect and safe in a vacuum. She's imprisoned by her own paintings and sculptures, submissive to her deepest emotions. She goes beyond the stereotypes of gender roles and constructs a cyborg identity. Let it all sink in.


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Still uit That Other Girl