slumber session: shinamo moki

Dive into your dreams with this completely magic mix of J-pop, Chinese rap, and video game soundtracks.

by i-D Staff
25 January 2017, 6:23pm

Shinamo Moki named themselves partly as an homage to a girl who went missing back in 2012, partly after their favourite fishing/cycling brand. Since they began making sweet music together under the moniker, friends Felix and Auryn have spent long periods of time separated by borders and time differences, with the duo living in Kyoto and Shanghai respectively. Luckily for us, fate has brought them back to Peckham, where they're currently putting the finishing touches to their debut album, Kumiko Surprise, and keeping busy planning a live show. With Auryn on audio and Felix on art direction, they take joint inspiration from nostalgia and cite Ninendo 64 sound fonts, PS1 and 2 soundtracks, sci-fi and horror films, and Japanese animations as the ultimate.

Luckily, this is all very obvious when you take a listen to today's slumber session, which just so happens to be one of our all time favourite i-D mixes. The duo have made us, in their own words, "an eclectic, somewhat sleepy mix of music made by our friends, family and people we wish we were friends with." A magical mash-up of classical, new age, J-pop, Chinese rap, anime and video game soundtracks, all of the above have helped shape them sonically. What a dream. Arigatou gozaimasu, Shinamo Moki!

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What was the first album you ever bought?

Do you ever fall asleep to music? If so, what?
Eberhard Weber, The Following Morning
Four Tet, Pause
Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, Shenmue OST Disc 2.

What is the ultimate Sunday morning record?
Koji Kondo, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Hyrule Symphony.

What movie do you think your music would best soundtrack?
Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

Finish the sentence: the music sounds better with…
A pair of high quality, top of the range, noise-cancelling, bass-boosted, Skull Candy headphones.

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