wanna live a beautiful life? androgynous beauty jazzelle will show you how

Forget trowelling it on, look good and feel better with shaven-headed, gold-grilled androgynous beauty Jazzelle Zanaughtti, AKA Instagram sensation, @uglyworldwide.

by Jazzelle Zanaughtti
02 June 2017, 11:52am

This story was originally published by i-D UK. 

I'm 21. I grew up in Detroit and three years ago moved to Chicago. Growing up, my self-confidence was complete shit. I always thought I was funny though, so I just rolled with that. I never had many friends, but the the friends I did have were a gang of odd ones out -- it was because of them I started to feel comfortable in my skin for the first time. Only then did my confidence start to grow.

Beauty to me is a mindset, it's a feeling. It's not just about a good skincare routine and it's not validated by likes on Instagram. Beauty is how you feel about yourself because, once you tell yourself you're beautiful and you know the words you speak are the truth, no one can tell you shit. Everything you could want in life is a possibility, as long as you are creative and hardworking. Obstacles are only temporary roadblocks that are meant to be passed.

1. Chill
Don't get ya panties in a bunch! Go with the flow and just chill the fuck out. Everything works itself out. Stressing is the biggest waste of energy. Focus on the positives and accept the negatives for what they are. You've got bigger things to worry about, like what you're wearing out tonight.

2. Explore and Experiment
Explore yourself. Explore the world. Explore your look. There's never a reason to stop experimenting. Don't knock what you haven't tried.

3. Sisters
Surround yourself with people who love and support you genuinely for who you are. Kick it with people who you can let loose with. Good friends are rare treasures so love them freely and know it's appreciated. Love is a two-way street and should be reciprocated! Balance is key.

4. Oats
Feel your oats everyday all day! The world won't always give you the support and motivation you want or need, so give it to your damn self. You are that bitch, so be that bitch and be that bitch 24/7. Confidence is currency.

5. Lighting
Never do your make-up in bad lighting!! The sun is a shade queen and you will get clocked. If you don't have natural light, go bare faced. You are bad as fuck without make-up! You don't need the make-up, the make-up needs you.

6. Skin
No matter how tired, how lit, or how cute your make-up is, always, always, always, wash that shit off before bed and moisturise. Seriously. Don't forget to moisturise. You deserve better than to wake up dry.

7. Hydrate
Two litres. Every day. For the rest of eternity.

8. Stardust
Be your own 'goals'. Stop comparing yourself to others and realise how poppin' you actually are. And don't let anyone tell you different. As long as you learn how bright your star power is, it can't dimmed by no one!

9. Pump a beat
Make yourself a lil playlist that makes you feel your Charisma Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent! Shake ya ass, show yourself what ya workin' with.

10. Actions
Words don't mean anything when you compare them to actions. Stop talking and do. Cut off your hair, get a tattoo. Don't be the bitch you wanna be next week, be the bitch you wanna be right now.

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