the 'stranger things' season 2 trailer is kind of amazing

But where's Barb?

by Hattie Collins
24 July 2017, 2:05pm

This story was originally published by i-D UK. 

Returning to our screens this Halloween, anticipation is rising for the second series of Stranger Things. This recently released trailer (almost) crashed the Internet when it was released yesterday during Comic-Con. Some years have passed since the whole monster-from-another-dimension caused chaos in the town, and life is back to normal for Mike and his pals in their hometown of Hawkins.

Or is it?

An innocent trip down the arcade to play a game of Dragon's Lair turns all too familiarly weird as Will (he who was trapped in the walls last series) is inexplicably drawn outside where shit goes (upside) down.

Utilizing the soundtrack of Thriller to tremendous effect, the trailer also references Ghostbusters, Close Encounters and Indiana Jones. The clearest homage to the 80's though has to be The Goonies — with cast member Sean 'Mikey' Astin appearing in the trailer, running through the halls of that spooky hospital from series one.

It seems that reveals life is unraveling once more in Hawkins, the scariness building to a crescendo with the return of everyone's favorite Eggo-loving, nose-bleeding, mute. Yes! There may be no sign of Barb, but fear not, Eleven is back. 

Press play on the trailer and prepare to get very, very excited and more than just a little bit scared. 

Roll on Halloween.


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