björk just announced her new album and it’s time to get violently happy

Here’s what she told us about it during the writing process back in Iceland circa 2015.

by VICE Staff
03 August 2017, 12:49am

"I am excited to share with you that my new album is coming out very soon," Björk told the world via Twitter this afternoon, sending waves of excitement ricocheting across fjords, the internet, and human hearts everywhere. She signed the announcement off with "warmthness", which is how we'll be signing off all emails moving forwards. While the announcement hardly came as a surprise - the Icelandic goddess of music and nature has, after all, been releasing albums on One Little Indian every few years since her debut, Debut, in 1993.

When we spoke to Björk in Reykjavik way back in November of 2015, she told us about the record. "I'm writing my next album, so it's very important to be in this kind of space where you're off the grid and it's run by your impulses." She said that while she writes her music at home, she has a small cabin in the mountains that she goes to sometimes too. "My house here is by the ocean, so it's quite nice to be both downtown and on a beach - it's the best of both worlds really… but if I want even more to get away from it, I go to my cabin. I get guests that I collaborate with, and it's always fun when they come to stay." Talking of which, after getting friend and creative collaborator Arca on board to co-produce 2015's Vulnicura, we're very excited to see which other musical geniuses she called on this time around.

When we asked what sort of themes she was working with, she told us that, "very often they start off as the opposite to the previous one because I get kind of bored. I've just compiled the string album and the live album, so I'm really ready to push against that and make something that's completely the opposite." Which suggests that we might end up with a very un-orchestral, totally electronic record. More Volta than Vulnicura. "But then, there's always a chronology in your work, whether you like it or not," she continued. "So there's a spine in it that I'm probably not even aware of and when I'm ninety, I'll look back and see that actually my albums are all connected." 

The yet un-named album is available to pre-order now.


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