that time travel website from last night's 'twin peaks' is real is filled with conspiracy theories and some good ol’ Windows 95-esque clip art.

by André-Naquian Wheeler
10 July 2017, 10:20pm

In last night's episode of Twin Peaks, viewers found out that murder suspect William Hastings has been tracking his (futile) efforts to travel across time and space on a site called Well, Lynch fans wasted no time in checking if the conspiracy site actually existed or not. Luckily, it does!

The site is a glorious blast from the past, complete with some pixelated clip art, a visitor tally, and a Yahoo! ad. There's even an awkward thumbnail picture of Hastings in the bottom left corner. With its Windows 95 feels, the site harks back to an era when it took aeons for webpages to load, AIM chat was poppin', and the internet stopped working if someone answered the phone.

Director David Lynch has always been a fan of letting Twin Peaks spill over into the real world. His daughter, Jennifer Lynch, wrote the 1990 spin-off novel The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, a fictional journal that was published in between the first and second seasons of the show.

The ninth episode of the Twin Peaks revival was filled with other delights, too: Sky Ferreira and Hudson Mohawke made cameo appearances. With each episode delivering more and more easter eggs and intriguing mysteries, it seems like the Lynchian ride is just beginning. Buckle up. 


Text André-Naquian Wheeler

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