eytys team up with 10 corso como for milan fashion week

The Swedish trainer brand worked with the Italian store and the American ceramicist Jessica Hans on their new collabo.

by Stuart Brumfitt
22 September 2015, 1:25am

Eytys first made a name for themselves with the exaggerated rubber soles on their clean tennis shoes, and now they're adding to their reputation with a series of clever collaborations. This time round, they came up with a concept with legendary Milanese store 10 Corso Como, to work with American ceramicist Jessica Hans on two pairs of abstract-patterned suede sneakers (a low top and a high top).

Hans' pottery is bold-patterned and peculiar-shaped and her work has been influenced by the Memphis Milano design movement and artists Jean Miró and Keith Haring. "The collaboration has been a really exciting opportunity to see my work translated onto a new medium!" Jessica told us. Eytys creative director Max Schiller added, "We love Jessica's work. It has an iconic, post-modern aesthetic while being hand-made with beautiful imperfections and misshapes playing a leading role. Her pieces look like nothing we've ever seen before, like something taken out of the prop closet of a Tim Burton movie."

The shoes go in 10 Corso Como stores worldwide and at eytys.com on Thursday 24th September.

10 corso como