paul thomas anderson's new film is available to stream 24 hours after its premiere

The auteur's first music documentary, Junun, is now screening on cinema subscription site Mubi.

by Courtney DeWitt
12 October 2015, 2:08am

Six feature films deep into his career writer and director, Paul Thomas Anderson, is already considered a modern legend of cinema. Known for his beautiful and uncompromising works shot on 35 and 65mm film, the auteur has now ventured into the world of digital documentary with his new movie, Junun. The 54 minute doco follows PTA's journey to Rajasthan, India with constant score collaborator and Radiohead guitarist, Jonny Greenwood and super producer Nigel Godrich, as they work on Israeli musician Shye Ben Tzur's new record.

Junun premiered at the New York Film Festival on October 7th and was available to stream the next day on the curated film subscription site, MUBI aka Netflix for cinephiles.

Efe Cakarel, CEO of MUBI, told Fast Company how the deal with PTA came about, "PTA was one of those 7 million people on our platform watching movies and really liking the experience. One day I got an email from him and we began a wonderful conversation [about Junun]. This was a very personal project for him and he wanted to show it to a discerning audience."

PTA's move into the world of music documentary sees him following in the footsteps of one his heroes, director Jonathan Demme, who made both the Talking Heads and Neil Young concert films inbetween features like Something Wild and Silence of the Lambs. Paul Thomas Anderson also recently directed a music video for songstress and Inherent Vice star Joanna Newsom's first single, Sapokanikan, from her new album Divers.

Junun is now available to stream over on Mubi, catch the trailer below.


Text Courtney DeWItt
Photography Courtesy Mubi

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