mackenzie cuong ton

​Turn up the volume! The Music Issue is here, so meet the cool kids straight up and find what music is rocking their worlds.

by i-D Team
18 February 2015, 4:00am

Where are you from?
Saint Louis, Missouri.

What do you do?
Violinist and fashion/designed object student at Art Insitute of Chicago.

What song makes you smile?
lina Baraz and Galimantias, Fantasy.

What do you listen to when you're sad?
Anything by Jhené Aiko.

What's the greatest love song of all time?
That depends on the type of love, but Beyoncé works for most.

What's the first song you put on in the morning?
lean Bandit, Extraordinary.

What's the best song to walk down the street to?
Cyril Hahn, Slow.



Photography Jingyu Lin

jingyu lin
mackenzie cuong ton