exclusive: watch the trailer for new british cybergoth teen film spaceship

Get ready for Alex Taylor’s debut feature film, about alien abduction and suburban alienation.

by Colin Crummy
27 March 2017, 9:38pm

In Spaceship, everyone is looking for a way out. For Lucidia (Alexa Davies) this means disappearing from her grimly suburban, army barracks town. Her boyfriend Luke (Lucian Charles Collier) believes she's been abducted by aliens. Their gang of cyber goths, BSDM punks and 90s inspired day-glo ravers -- who talk of black holes, rainbows and unicorns -- don't need much persuading. Her widower dad thinks it might be something more mundane.

But Lucidia has managed to do what everyone in Spaceship is keen to master: the art of disappearing. In British director Alex Taylor's psychedelic, chaotic world, his teenage protagonists conjure up ways to escape the humdrum. There are brain-addling drugs to take, sexual fantasies to explore and boundaries to push.

It's a fresh take on contemporary teen subcultural Britain, energised by an eclectic soundtrack that includes music from Best Coast, Au Revoir Simone, and The Incredible String Band. Don't expect too much in the way of logic or traditional coming-of-age tropes here as Spaceship crosses the space time continuum to find its own truths about being young.

Spaceship is in cinemas from 19 May


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