heart people's new video is a hazy, strobe-lit, fashion film noir

Directed by Byron Spencer, 'Voices' is a smoky feast for the senses with cameos by the band's creative friends.

by i-D Staff
05 April 2017, 5:55am

Photography Byron Spencer

Since we met Ryan Grieve and Rachel Rutt of the band Heart People two years ago, the duo have been steadily honing their sound and performance and creeping further and further down a beautiful, psychedelic rabbit hole of lush music and visuals.

To support the announcement that their debut six-track EP Homecoming is to be released on Hole in The Sky Records on May 26, the band are today premiering their new single Voices on i-D. Directed by Byron Spencer, the video is a multi-layered, strobe-lit collage, reflecting the band's parallel obsessions with dance music, fashion and film. 

Ryan, who formerly played in Modular-signed band Canyons, credits The KLF and The Eurythmics as influences of Heart People. He's suggested that their music looks back to the 80s and 90s for inspiration, adding, "when these artists were dominating the charts, their music wasn't always immediate and accessible but it was always challenging and thought provoking to the listener, in a way that made you invest and engage on a somewhat deeper level. This is what we hope is in store for "pop" music once again in the future."

While you wait for the new EP to drop, lose yourself in the virtual nightclub that is their new music video here. 

Heart People's debut EP Homecoming including dub versions of each track is available for pre-order today.



Photography Byron Spencer

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