christmas with paloma elsesser

To celebrate the advent of the festive season, we asked i-D's family and friends to share their most cherished Christmas memories, reflect on whether they’ve been naughty or nice, and tell us their New Year’s resolutions for 2017

by i-D Staff
19 December 2016, 2:44pm

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, especially with Paloma Elsesser in the building. Model, writer, role model, psychology student, young Paloma is the girl with the tinsel-coated Midas touch. Crowned the face of both Nikes' s Sports Bra 101 and Pat McGrath's Golden Makeover make-up line, 2016 was a very good year for this one. But 2017 is sure to be even better. Although where she'll be when the new year comes in, she's not quite sure yet. Probably having a blast somewhere frightfully cool. We love you Paloma!

Happy Christmas, Paloma! Tell us what's going on in your photo.
I was about 18 months here. We were still living in London, Haringay to be exact. It was mid December and I was being precocious, per usual.

Have you been naughty or nice this year?
Nice! I've made an effort to try and live more compassionately.

What's on your Christmas list?
I want to move so anything interior driven.

How will you be spending Christmas day?
With my boyfriend and his family in Florida. I love them dearly.

What's your favourite Christmas song of all time?
Am I corny for saying Mariah?

Who do you want to kiss under the mistletoe?
My boyfriend, Johnny. Forever!

What were your 2016 highlights?
H&M, watching my nephew grow, a trip to Greece with all of my best friends, Nike.

How will you usher in the New Year?
Not sure yet!

What are your New Year's resolutions?
Be kind to yourself and others, always.

Photography Zora Sicher 

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