reddit users are sharing dreamy real life wes anderson locations

Soothe your soul with Accidental Wes Anderson, the subreddit revealing pages and pages of IRL "Grand Budapest" hotels, Zissou submarines, and Rushmore prep schools.

by Wendy Syfret
14 June 2017, 1:46pm

The Belle Isle Aquarium, Detroit.

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Reddit is often a depository for the darkest parts of internet culture: leaks, trolls, and hate speech percolate there. But sometimes a bit of light breaks through and reminds us all of the wonky brilliance of the online world. The latest example: the subreddit Accidental Wes Anderson.

Users from all over the globe have flocked to share dreamy real world locations that look like they could serve as the beloved film maker's Prada-laden sets. Examples criss-cross all over the world, with an unsurprising amount found in Eastern Europe, and include meeting rooms, hotels, train stations, and many dreamy swimming pools. The feed, which was relatively small until it blew up over the weekend, currently boasts over 20k subscribers.

The page isn't only rich with tourist ideas (see you soon Belle Isle Aquarium!) but also serves as a sweet reminder of how strange and lovely the big wide world is. Wes Anderson's characters can often feel like fantastical creations, but as the interior designer behind Mackinac Island's Grand Hotel proves, real people can be just as magical. Now please excuse us, we need to take a personal day to spend the next eight hours looking all these locations up on Trip Advisor.

Lobby Bar of The Graduate Hotel - Oxford, Mississippi

Jules's Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida

Hotel in Petra, Jordan

Grimm Zentrum Library, Berlin

Grand hotel, Mackinac Island, MI


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