are these the ultimate supermodel movie cameos?

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by Bojana Kozarevic
04 April 2017, 9:25am

Why is it so magical seeing your favourite models on screen? Is it the fact that you see them in a different setting? Or that you are able to hear that rarest of sounds, a model talking? Regardless, it's always a sure-fire cinema highlight. Nothing beats a model looking gorge with a self-aware sense of humour. As we celebrate the most super of supermodels across the site, we check out the best cameos by models 2.0 in cinema.

Claudia Schiffer, Love Actually
Not only is Liam Neeson's character just utter joy, his awkward and fumbling flirtation with Claudia Schiffer is to j'die for. Claudia is naturally sensational, but also welcoming and warm. It's just a match made in heaven. AND THE BEST THING, is this fan theory which adds another layer to the whole film and reminds us that Emma Thompson is also a queen.

Kate Moss, Absolutely Fabulous
This was always going to be hilarious. The death by fashion theme that runs throughout Absolutely Fabulous is one to be lauded. Edina, desperate yet fabulous (damn, aren't we all?!), knocks Kate Moss into the Thames by accident. With Kate seemingly drowned, Patsy and Eddie have to run from the police. As Queen Kate swims to shore, it's a happily-ever-after reminder that fashion icons always survive.

Gisele Bündchen, The Devil Wears Prada
This one comes courtesy of the 'comedy' that is The Devil Wears Prada (take it from a former fashion assistant who has lived the lol horrors IRL, it's no comedy). In walks Anne Hathaway -- a new woman having just discovered Michael Kors -- after spending two minutes in hell (AKA the fashion cupboard). But our attention is instantly drawn to Gisele. Not only is she playing a receptionist in glasses, but Gisele is shocked and jealous of Anne. Comedy gold. Apparently Gisele only wanted to be in the film if she DIDN'T play a model.

Naomi Campbell, Ali G
"Ali G, you've been a very bad boy and you need to be punished." Omg, Naomi -- the way you crack that whip. In this socially significant and politically challenging masterpiece, Naomi appears in Ali's sex romp daydreams, ordering him to remove his beloved hat and rub oil into her skin. We're inclined to agree with YouTube user @Azerty76LH6 on this one: "Aaaahhh Naomie aaaaaaaaaahh *heart attack*".

Devon Aoki, 2 Fast 2 Furious
Angel face Devon Aoki played badass Suki in 2 Fast 2 Furious. Hanging around with Ludacris fixing cars up for illicit street races, Devon made mechanics look utterly cool. Rumour has it she didn't know how to drive until filming started and began learning on set. That's what one calls total street cred. She also played Miho in Sin City and Anna in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. Model, muse and actress -- Devon, we love you!

Cindy Crawford, Fair Game
The action-packed Fair Game sees Cindy play a lawyer that, during her divorce proceedings, uncovers some truths about gangsters. Said gangster then try to kill her. Heavy. She's assigned protection from an agent, who proceeds to shoot many of those wily gangsters, whilst Cindy's hair looks great. Needless to say, all ends well and Cindy and William Baldwin finish the film off by snogging in the sea whilst explosions go off everywhere.

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