​watch an exclusive clip from this gorgeous new coming-of-age anime

Ahead of the release of "In This Corner Of The World," take an exclusive sneak peak at this dreamy and melancholy WW2-set film.

by Douglas Greenwood
28 June 2017, 4:42pm

This article was originally published by i-D UK. 

Lately, lovers of Japanese animation have been treated to a load of startling films that have crept into the mainstream moviegoer's line of vision. In November of last year, Japan's body swapping, box office smash Your Name hit the UK leaving a trail of stunned critics and audiences in its wake. A few month's later, we learned that Hayao Miyazaki — the undisputed master of anime — was coming out of retirement to treat us to one more feature.

A powerful take on a traditional wartime story, In This Corner of the World is the next anime set to make waves around the world. This rich, invigorating drama follows Suzu: an artistic 18-year-old girl growing up in wartime Hiroshima. Both creative and strong-willed, she faces the tragedy hitting her homeland head on, while continuing to look at life from an uplifting, dreamy perspective. Any anime fan who fell hard for the fantastical beauty of My Neighbour Totoro, and wept (like we all did!) at Grave of the Fireflies will surely be beguiled by this award-winning drama too.

Check out the exclusive clip below, in which Suzu and her niece Harumi try and save their last sugar rations as a troupe of ants help themselves to it.


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