meet the new guard of australian jewellery makers

The ever-so-clever artists making you want to be adorned.

by Savannah Anand-Sobti
11 June 2015, 4:02am

Max Doyle

It's apparent that more and more our tastes in jewellery are shifting towards the bespoke and handmade - pieces which are built to last and evolve over time with wearer. It's about recognising the beauty in the imperfections and leaning towards more valuable and less disposable pieces. The people behind our new favourite labels appreciate craftsmanship and ingenuity and their labours of love are evident in each and every piece. The Australian jewellery scene is bursting with impressive up and coming talents. It's abundant and exciting and we've put together a list of some Aussie treasure makers that you should know about.

1. Holly Ryan

Holly Ryan has been a favourite on the scene ever since she released her version of the minimalist hoop earring. Her newest collection presents a fun update on the hoop; this time with a childish squiggle. Known for designing with a unique sense of scale and balance, Holly Ryan has mastered clean and contemporary chic.

2. Vulvé

In Your Dreams Club

Bronte Leighton-Dore is the Sydney based artist behind the label Vulvé who, as the name suggests, makes intricately hand-beaded vulva pendants. Inspired by discussions around gender inequality and Instagram censorship, "Vulvé aims to re-contextualise the vulva and eradicate the shame and stigma associated with them."


Max Doyle

The project of stylist Megha Kapoor, MPNT focuses on original, modern and bespoke quality. You're encouraged to mix metals and stack one upon another creating special arrangements versatile enough to wear at any occasion. Megha has also collaborated with local labels including Pageant and Ginger and Smart on exclusives pieces.

4. Two Hills

Jeweller Rhiannon Smith is your go to girl for modern, simple and feminine jewellery. Starting the label in 2011, Rhiannon hand makes each piece in her Collingwood studio. Her latest collection Soak is inspired by her time spent in a Turkish Bathhouse. Rose Quartz, eight point stars and oynx orbs can be seen throughout her fourth delicate but bold collection.

5. Newend

Inspired by the studs you can buy at the chemist, artist Cathy Tipping creates jewellery that is beautifully understated. Upgrade your usual plain studs with sleeper chains and hooks in her first collection Domestic. You can find your go-to adornments earrings, necklaces and rings in both sterling silver and gold. Newend embodies practicality and elegance to a tee.

6. Building Two

Bella Clark and Kieran of Buidling Two are some great newbies on the block. In their most recent collection, the duo play with themes of nostalgia and 90s childhood memories. The plastic rings we wore as children have been cast in silver and decorated with candy coloured gem-stones. Find out five more things about Building Two here

7. Underground Sundae

Wave Lachish 

Mima Buji and Anne-Mieke Ytsma are the Melbourne-via-NZ duo behind Underground Sundae. Debuting with a range of eccentric, brightly coloured jewellery, their newest collection SKIN reflects a more refined pop culture influence, where you'll find lots of recognisable symbols like crucifixes and snakes. Speaking of snakes, you'll find one in their upcoming film for the collection produced by Indoor Fountains.

8. Venice Rish

Known for her collaborative work with Australian fashion designers Karla Spetic, Michael Lo Sordo, Mania Mania and Desert Designs, designer Venice Rish's self titled label involves processes she's mastered over years of training. The designer uses dichroic glass, a technique she has mastered to create 'space gems.' The result is beautiful stones that can absorb light and reflect colour. Riffing on the comic theme, planets and stars can been seen in one of her recent collections called Stars Don't Stand Still. Her latest sees her playing with hypnotic eye symbols and effervescent clouds. Read our interview with Venice here.